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Rachel Sterling
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Rachel Sterling is an actress and comedian based in
Los Angeles, California. Rachel is best known for
television/film appearances on Reno 911!, True Blood,
Modern Family, and Wedding Crashers, to name a few.
Rachel also performs stand-up comedy, notably at
Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, and the Improv.
The former Pussycat Doll uses her unconventional
upbringing and experiences in Hollywood as the basis
for her anecdotal comedy.
Rachel’s observational and topical humor brings the
audience on a joy ride into her world of Hollywood
glamour, mental health issues, life lessons, several
marriages, and her troubling addiction to celebrity

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Podcast : Shut Your Face

Shut Your Face is a raw and hilarious series of hot takes on the world at large according to actress/comedian Rachel Sterling. The weekly series will feature conversations about adapting in the information era of online dating, cancel culture, generational over-gap, pop culture, and entertainment, with pop-ins from notable guests from within the industry. Each episode, Rachel finds the funny in life because adulting is hard.

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